Side effects of COVID19 vaccines


It is no news that COVID19 vaccination has started all over the world and many have received the first dose.

There have been complaints of side effects like ageusia, diarrhea, diaphoresis, headaches, fever, abdominal pain and so on. I even read that some had to be resuscitated via oxygen supply. It is however surprising that some had no symptoms at all!

Have you received your first dose? Please share your experience.

Taiwo Abijo-Peter
  • 30 Mar

There have been different news and rumours about the constituents and effectiveness of the vaccine. I have seen many people taken the first dose without any reported side effect but I feel I need time to really know more about it.

  • 30 Mar

I'm yet to take the vaccine but I know people who have without any serious side effects.
Is the Covid-19 vaccine not like every other vaccines, there might be mild side effects due to the body's immune system trying to fight the foreign body.
It's also quite possible that the difficulty in breathing is an allergic reaction.
Why do you think a lot of people are specifically scared of taking the Covid vaccine?