Impact of COVID 19 on you as a medic

  • 10 Nov '20

The impact of COVID can be seen almost throughout the whole world. Many have been transformed through this. In fact, I saw it on a group that people passed USMLE more than before because people were able to read more.

For you as a person, what do you have to say about this? A blessing in disguise?

Akisanmi Taiwo
  • 10 Nov '20

Lol...its a blessing to some.
As for me, it made me realize i knew nothing outside medicine. My life was extremely boring...couldn't think outside the box of my field. It would have been more of a blessing to me if i were not a student anymore.

  • 11 Nov '20

@Rebecca, I think if you're not school anymore, you would've been in the hospital treating patients­čść. Anyways, glad to know it kinda a blessing.

  • 1
  • 13 Nov '20

Lol... It did make some of us realise how boring we really are. I have to add though that the break has made me take a pause and think about a lot of things, to understand myself more and realise how much I have gotten used to school planning my schedule for me that it wasn't easy at first to comprehend and manage so much free time.