Ramadan and Medical Procedures

Ramadan and Medical Procedures


Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic calendar in which global Muslims refrain from eating from the Fajr to sunset for up to 29-30 days. 


When fasting, Muslims are refrain from putting anything into body cavities such as mouth, nose, ears, anus and vagina into a certain limit.

Procedures that doesn't break the fast

The following matters relating to the medical treatment does NOT invalidate the fast:

  • Use eye drops, ear drops and ear cleaning (provided no limit to the eardrum).
  • Sublingual tablet (beneath the tongue) provided placed beneath the tongue and not swallowed.
  • Perform dental procedures; fillings, extractions, cleaning teeth or brushing provided the individual who fasted did not swallow any substance during the treatment procedure.
  • Undergoing a biopsy
  • Use the nasal spray without inhaled.
  • Half or local anaesthesia.
  • Mouthwash gargle (almost to the throat) and therapeutic medicine spray to the mouth provided nothing is swallowed.
  • Use of haemorrhoids medicine by re-entering the piles into place without involving the deep area.


Procedures that break the fast

The following matters relating to the medical treatment can invalidate the fast:

  • Taking oral medicines such as capsule, tablet, suspension or syrup.
  • Use of inhalers for the treatment of asthma or chronic lung disease.
  • Insertion of any small tube (pessary) or medicine into the vagina including douching and internal inspection procedures.
  • Use of enemas, suppositories tubes, protoscope or finger inserted into the anus, rectum or vagina for examination.
  • Use  of intestine binoculars (endoscope) or stomach binoculars (gastroscope) for the examination of digestive system.
  • Full anaesthesia, which involves the use of gas.
  • Introduction of any catheter tube, screening tools in the urinary tract (urethroscope) in men or women, barium or cleaning of the bladder.


Injectable drugs that can not break the fast

There are many drugs that can not break the fast if served to the person suffering from certain illness when fasting, these include:

  • Analgesics/NSAIDs
  • Antibiotics
  • Antihypertensive
  • Insulin for the diabetic patient
  • Anti PUDx
  • Antiemetics
  • Antimalarial
  • IV Fluids that contain no glucose like IVF Ringers Lactate
  • Other drugs that are not gaseous and has no satisfying chemicals.


Injectable drugs that can break the fast

Below are some drugs that can break the fast when given to the patient irrespective of his/her illness:

  • Emetics.
  • General anaesthesia.
  • Drugs that contain the food.
  • IV fluids containing foods like IVF Dextrose of any types and other related drugs that will enhance satisfaction.


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Author: Nr Buhari Isma'il RN 

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